Try it out now: Visually compare data in the lalalytics dashboard

One click illustrates up to five time series in the chart

If you already work with our filter functions, you may have already discovered a small icon. It is about this icon:

We explain the comparison of data.

Entry via filters

As soon as you use more than one filter within a filter group, the new icon for activating the data comparison appears.

Clicking on the comparison icon will now take you directly to the comparison view. The comparison view is activated:

Filter groups in dashboard with comparison view

As a result, you now have a ready comparison view:

Chrome Desktop vs. Chrome Mobile comparison view

The comparison view of course works in combination with all known functions. For example, you can create a report directly for this view.

You can learn more about filters in our article Analyzing web traffic with filters. This gives you the opportunity to pick out individual aspects that you want to monitor over time.

Practical example products

For example, do you have a page on which you present a product? Maybe you also have a page where your customers can request further information about this product?

If you want more visitors to actually request information, simply monitor these two pages over time:

Compare websites

Regardless of numbers, you can immediately see if the two curves are converging or moving away. Make a report out of it and have it sent to your inbox e.g. every week. In this way, check whether you are actually reaching more visitors by improving your offer.

Practical example App versions

You run an app and are interested in how fast new versions are adapted? Would you like to know how quickly a new feature reaches the masses or when you can discontinue support for an old feature? Easily create a comparison view for this:

Adaptation of app versions


With the new comparison view, you have the possibility to highlight individual aspects of your data in more detail and compare them visually with each other with just a few clicks. Just give it a try. We wish you a lot of fun with this function.

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