Beautiful Web Analytics

Privacy respecting analytics, simplicity at it’s core. In short: Web Analytics for everybody.

Web Analytics like Google Analytics

lalalytics is an easy and compliant solution to learn about your users without harming their privacy.

Learn about who is using your service and analyze your customers behaviour.

Use lalalytics with your company’s website, online shop or app. Analyze the reach of your service and use the insights to continuously improve and retarget your users.

Privacy First

Stop paying your analytics software with your users’ data.

lalalytics does not sell or share any data and it does not correlate sensitive identifiers about your users in the first place.

That’s good news for your users and the reason why lalalytics is not free.

No Cookies

No cross internet tracking. No shared identifiers.

We don't track individuals. Analyze trends and protect your users while improving your reach.

The good thing is that in general you don’t lose any insights by this. In fact it helps you keep compliant.

Team Up

Invite your colleagues and evolve on your data.

Send invitations to all your partners and teammates without limitation – at least on a sane level. We don’t charge extra users.

Create powerful Reports

Keep track of conversions or important events.

Use our powerful filtering to deep dive into your data and store a combination of filters as easy accessible reports.

Easily share reports with your team.

Multiple Sites

Group more than one site in a single account.

You can keep track of your stats with a single account and add your app, online store and website at the same time, for example.


We periodically notify you about new metrics, but only if you want to.

Easily turn on notifcations and you’ll receive an email about the growth of your customer base.

Compliant Web Analytics

Hosted in Europe/Germany

With lalalytics you’ll get an easy to use and easy to setup web analytics software. With the insights gained, you continuously improve your offer and are GDPR-compliant at the same time.

Read more about privacy respecting analytics.