Frequently asked questions

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Do you store data outside of Europe? Privacy
No, we don't. At the moment our storage is located in Falkenstein, Germany.
Do you share data, sell it, or use it for other purposes? Privacy
No, we don't. Your data belongs to you now and forever.
Do you store IP addresses? Privacy
No, we don't. We proccess IP addresses ephemerally e.g. for geo lookups via our local maxmind database and to cluster sessions. This means that the data is only stored in memory, and is retained for no longer than necessary to service the request. There is no way to look up an IP address or link it to other information later.
Are you linking data to create personality profiles? Privacy
No, we don't. There is also no technical way to link data to a real person or track a person accross the internet. With lalalytics, you gain insight into the reach of your offer and receive data that you can use to further improve your offer. Simple as is. What you don't get is stuff like "most visited by women between 25 and 30 that also like travelling, meet friends and like food trends."
How do you identify sessions? Privacy
We take the IP address of the request, together with a token lasting one week and combine this into one unique text. This serves as a session identifier. What this means: Requests from the same IP address for two weeks would count as two sessions, not one. Requests from a shared IP address (household, university, company) would count as the same session. We don't want to identify *people*, we want to show trends.
How is this different to Google Analytics? Features
It's way simpler both in terms of features as well as impact when collecting data. We do not correlate the data in any way outside of your account, we do not sell (or serve) ads in any way. We simply wanted to check the interest of users on some of our webpages.
How is this different to Features
It's actually not that much. Please have a look at their offering. It might be suitable for you as well.
How is this different to Matomo? Features
We have been using Matomo for years in various projects and it was one of the reasons to start with lalalytics. It can do a lot, but it also has its pitfalls. We think that lalalytics is much easier to use, but of course we don't have all the features of Matomo.
Do I need a credit card? Payment

If your company is located in Germany, you can pay by invoice. For our European customers, a credit card is currently required.

You can find more details about payment here.