What's it about?

lalalytics is a simple and fun to use Google Analytics alternative

It is easy to setup, does not collect or share personal information, does not use cookies, respect users privacy, is GDPR compliant and helps you avoid cookie banners.

In short

Simple Analytics

Stop wasting time mastering Google Analytics. All you need at a sight.


GDPR-compliant. No cookies. No data stored outside Europe. No spying.

No Cookie-Consent

No more cookie banner headaches. Respect users. A win win.

Easy Setup

Easy to install and configure. Choose your variant and off you go.

Powerful Reports

Combine filters to generate different views on your data. All in one place.

Share with your team

Add your team mates and partners to share your insights.

Multiple Sites

Add all your favorite projects in one place: online shops, websites or apps.


Get regular email reports about the latest data.

Feel good

Our product is carbon neutral, self-funded and independent.